“Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die for it, that the
protected shall never know.”

Every generation must hear the former POWs’ stories! As descendants and friends, it is our job to listen and share their memories. By paying tribute, we honor them for sacrificing their freedom for ours.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I have created 2 sets of photo cards for this purpose. Some of my photos were taken in April 2010, at the Reno Convention. Also some are of my father-in-law’s belongings.  Elmer E. Cooper was a prisoner for the duration of the war, May 1942 to September 1945 in the Philippines and Japan. He died in 1974 at the age of 52.  He had retired in 1970 following a 30-year career in the Air Force. His early death was directly related to prison camp beatings, injuries, and disease. My father-in-law could rarely bring himself to speak about those experiences. Over the years, my husband has spent countless hours trying to research and fill in the blanks.
Each of my cards has a photo and saying on the front, is blank inside, is individually made, and comes with an envelope. The cost is $2.00 a card along with a “special” of 1 free for every 5 ordered plus shipping. By purchasing and using these cards, you will honor our former POWs by keeping their story alive, and you will support the Descendants’ Group.  Of the $2.00 a card ~ $1.00 will go to the Group and $1.00 will go to card making expenses.
I have also created an additional set of cards featuring Ben Steele’s artwork. Ben was a WWII prisoner of war and is a former college art professor now living in Montana. He has given me permission to feature his work knowing the proceeds will benefit the Descendants’ Group. There are 35 cards displaying his artistry and a 36th card with a photo of Ben taken in 2010 at the Reno DG convention. These will be sold at the same price as my original set. See order blanks.
Ben Steele cards
WWII Remembrance cards
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