Welcome to the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor Memorial Society.  We recently changed our name from Descendants Group--American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor to better reflect our mission and membership.

Our mission is to preserve and perpetuate the story of the men and women who defended the Philippines and other Allied outposts against overwhelming odds during the first months of World War II in the Pacific and later became prisoners-of-war. We will accomplish this through education, preservation of documents and artifacts, and historical research dedicated to telling the stories of the battles and the courage that allowed them to survive the deprivations of three and a half years of imprisonment and slave labor.  We continue to host the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor at our annual conventions.

Jim Collier

Jim Collier's family has asked that in lieu of any flowers, a donation be made to the ADBC Memorial Society in his name. If you would like, you can donate via PayPal. Otherwise, send a check to Judy Pruitt, 23 Elwood Road, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 and designate Jim Collier memorial.

Check out updated information on this site:

Letter to President Obama & Statement to the Senate and House Veterans' Affairs Committees

POW Panels from Norfolk, 2013

Wives' Tales from Norfolk, 2013

2014 Annual Convention  San Jose CA

The 2014 convention was in San Jose, California, from Weds. May 28 through Sat. May 31, 2014.  There will soon be information on the panels, seminars, and grant presentations.

The ADBC Memorial Society continues to fund competitive grants.

For 2014 there will be $5,000 in grant money available for a limited number of grants.  Projects that tell the stories of the Japanese Invasion of the Philippines and other Pacific islands and the POWs that were held there or in other locations, or those that develop school curricula, or for development of a play, video production, art display or civic monuments depicting the experiences of the POWs of Japan are eligible for funding.

In addition, the ADBC Memorial Society will be sponsoring their first YOUTH PROJECT COMPETITION. It will be a contest for students ages 12 to 18 and the will will get a $250 prize. The judging will be for creative projects providing information about the story of the Japanese invasion of the Philippines and other Pacific Islands and the POWs that were held there or moved to anotehr location by the Japanese for slave labor. These projects can be done through the development of a play, video production, art display, or essay.

Links to the 2014 application form and guidelines can be found on our Grant Applications page.

Banner drawing by former POW Ben Steele.